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More Popular Than Cheeses? Esther’s Cheese of the Week February 18, 2010

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This week:

... such thing as too much Brie... ... nom


That’s right, dear crumpeteers, BAKED CAMEMBERT. Not fried; not like those frozen-synthetic-greasy-cheeze-tubes-with-low-grade-redcurrant-gloop-with-incomprehensible-labels-from-Lidl… Hoooo, no, no. Jamais de la vie. But baked. Baked in an oven, profoundly aloof in its own wooden box, singular, empyreal… transcendental. Cheese in motion, quite literally.

Step back from the keyboard now. I have a picture.

Drool likelihood: HIGH.

Yes, I can read your cheese-tainted thoughts, my dear rollmops. Why adulterate such quintessence of flavour with an importunate sprig of rosemary? Is NOT the poetry of the cheese found in its subtle lightly peppered delicacy?

To this, I reply: let us not discriminate in the world of CAMEMBERT. Let us instead rejoice in its diversity, it’s potentiality. I myself recently enjoyed, nay REVELLED in a camembert of most elegant simplicity, with my acquaintance of many years, Dr. Hnoss. With reverent anticipation, we merely removed said cheese from its wrappings, sliced off the top, sprinkled it with salt and pepper and indulged, dear eaters, with some handy baguette and a bottle of nearby Cabernet.

But do not think the CAMEMBERT adventure ends here, rather to the contrary. The celebration continues, and I, your food maestro, intend to tread new paths into the baked cheese world, sampling it sprinkled with white wine, endowed with garlic cloves, crowned with cracked peppercorns…

To idiazabal and beyond!

Esther. xxx


2 Responses to “More Popular Than Cheeses? Esther’s Cheese of the Week”

  1. Ms. Geraldine Punnington Says:

    Dear Esther,

    Being, as my name thinly veils, a Jerry, that is, of Germanic descent, I would like to draw your attention to the exquisite fact that a ‘rollmops’ is not only, as you suggest, a rolling device with which one ‘mops’ paint onto one’s chipped walls (as it is rumoured your and Miss Vartue’s premises are to be overhauled shortly), but in fact also a rolled piece of pickled herring, concealing inside it a gurkin like so: http://www.nentjes.info/Bill/250px-Rollmops_02.jpg

    Please hereby accept my expression of delight at the so admirably concealed unifying reference to your previously puntastic entry on the Chi and the Hake.

    Yours appreciatively,

    • theotherhand Says:

      Dear Geraldine,

      My butler just brought your recent correspondence to my attention, whilst I was on the verandah sipping my morning cocktail. How delightful it is to hear from you! And on such an interesting subject! I can assure you, dearest Geraldine, that I have, on occasion, witnessed the fish-based titbit you so eloquently reference, since they are rather bewilderingly sold in jars at my local convenience store. The roller is rather an example of my slightly ‘gauche’, as one might say, sense of humour.

      I am simply thrilled that you approve of the previous entry on Chi & Hake; ’twas written partly with your skills in mind.
      I must dash and tend to a souffle in the oven; I do hope your work compiling the Universal Pun Dictionary for Students shall not prevent you from taking tea with myself and Mr Leavis some time soon.
      Fondest crumpets,

      Esther x

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