White Mice for Breakfast

"O mischief, thou art swift to enter in the thoughts of desperate men!"

Buttering Up. February 5, 2011

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My dear tartiflettes! I am taking the briefest of interludes from my daily duties of eating, writing, babysitting F.R. Leavis, entertaining Ricky Martin and keeping Barthes OFF the porch roof to introduce a most delectable new source of foodspiration.

May I introduce BUTTERSTRUCK.COM, the newest venture of my long-time compatriot and co-partner in crime during the wild days, when we would frequent hard-core bakery club, The Buns of Brixton, and talk shop. Gone are those days, dear pikelets, but I am pleased to say that Miss de Noves and I remain as close as ever; I wish her all the best with the new venture, to which I may contribute from time to time. Leavis is most excited about Butterstruck, and keeps quoting passages of it to me.

Barthes, meanwhile remains a nuisance. Pleas excuse me, chevres, I can hear him clambering about the roof now, with one of those pincer grab hands to steal this morning’s rock buns…


Esther. xxx


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